Japanese company offers service that converts your child’s school bag into useful accessories

Six years of memories shouldn’t just be tossed away!

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New clothing collection using upcycled meisen silk kimono aims to reweave modern culture

Pop-up stores in Gunma Prefecture will also showcase these fashion items that bridge the past and present.

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New upcycle project from Kyoto turns kimonos from the 1950s and ’60s into high-fashion dresses

These haute couture offerings breathe new life into classic Japanese print.

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See how official Pokémon Shirts are made through new, stylish documentary【Video】

New goodies also on the horizon with the debut of this insider look in Pokémon Shirts’ operations. Read More

Japanese upcycle brand makes ’80s obi sandals in collaboration with United Tokyo 【Photos】

Traditional Japanese fashion in a sustainable, wearable form? Yes, please.

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