sleeping bags

Japan’s crazy new gigantic pants-style two-person sleeping bags keep you close to your loved one

And yes, you can get up and walk around while still inside the Super-big Wrapped in Warmth and Happy Fuzzy-lined Sleeping Bag.

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A $2,350 sleeping bag/bear? Japanese artist’s wild creation hits Japanese Twitter with a roar!

So, what do you look for in a sleeping bag? Most people would probably say not much, except that it’s soft and warm. But once you take a look at this unique creation by Amsterdam-based Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa, you might say that an interesting design also counts for something as well. It’s the “Great Sleeping Bear“, which began as one of Ishizawa’s art projects and is now getting a whole lot of attentionfor its amazing life-like detail and also its hefty price tag!

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