solo grill

All-you-can drink deal in Japan puts the self-serve drinks machine right on your table

This Japanese yakiniku chain wants you to get drunk on your own or with a friend for less than 5 bucks!

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Our gourmet experience as total beginners with 3COINS’ Mini BBQ Stove

If you can’t grill with your friends, you can always grill with yourself.

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New solo grill, perfect for when you next ditch work and run off into the woods

Spring has sprung in Japan, and the cherry blossoms will soon be in full bloom. A favorite spring pastime of many Japanese is hanami, or “flower-viewing”, where friends, family and coworkers gather together to have picnics and barbeques under the blooming cherry blossom trees, as a way to welcome the end of winter and enjoy the nice weather and floral display.

Just in time for the season, DOPPELGÄNGER OUTDOOR has released their new solo barbeque grill, just perfect for… all those lone hanami-goers out there?

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