Japan has only one time zone, and sunset comes a lot earlier in Tokyo【Photos】

How different do Tokyo and Fukuoka look at 5 p.m.?

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Surreally amazing Osaka sunset has some seeing the gates of hell, others heaven on Earth【Video】

Unfiltered video is like a scene from a Makoto Shinkai anime or a terrifying horror movie, depending on your perspective.

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This autumn’s “Sunset Panda” endangered by cloud cover, still pulls in the crowds 【Video】

Two days each year, once in the autumn and again in spring, the setting sun passes behind an NTT antenna tower in the Taruyamachi area of Akashi City, Hyogo. Due to the arrangement of dishes and other receivers, as the sun moves behind them, for the briefest of moments the face of a giant cartoon panda appears, like some benevolent forest god looking down on the town below.

This autumn, on 12 October at 5:28pm, people all over Akashi City gathered to witness the biannual moment of celestial cuteness—an event which has come to be known as the Sunset Panda. However, with cloudy skies and light drizzle it became unclear whether the roly-poly sun bear would come out to play this time…

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