The deceiving cat: Sumo wrestler wins match using “cute” technique, but some are not happy【Video】

A sumo wrestler has drawn ire after using the adorably named nekodamashi, or “deceiving cat,” technique to win a match.

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This “godly item” will help you achieve the perfect double eyelids

Honestly, I’m a bit terrified of Japanese fashion magazines, and some of the outlandish things they advertise. So when our sister site Pouch ran a piece about a special technique to achieve double eyelids that a popular Japanese fashion guide was advertising, I was a more than a little hesitant to read on, especially after seeing the photos from last time of Mr. Sato trying out the now infamous Eyelid Trainer contraption.

But curiosity eventually got the better of me, and it turns out that the trick uses a secret item that is not only inexpensive, but you probably already have it lying around. 

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