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JAL to re-release Japanese coats once worn by The Beatles for limited time

Now’s your change to look just like John, Paul, George, and Ringo did when they first touched down in Tokyo in 1966.

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Revisit 20 Photos of Some of The Most Powerful Moments and People in Modern History

Thanks to the proliferation of the internet we can see countless images in an instant with the click of a mouse.  Most of the pictures available online, however, are of cats with misspelled captions or people confusing Joseph Kony with Carl Weathers.

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Cover of Hey Jude by Japanese Voice Actress is “An Insult to the Beatles,” Destroyed by Internet

A cover of “Hey Jude” performed by Aki Toyosaki, a Japanese singer and voice actress best known for her role as Yui in the anime K-On!, has become the joke of the internet after a video of the performance was uploaded to YouTube earlier this year.

Toyosaki is an avid Beatles fan and in the video, which is taken from the DVD of her first solo tour “love your live,” she appears to singing her heart out in tribute to the band.

Unfortunately, that enthusiasm only seems to amplify Toyosaki’s ‘cutsy’ high-pitched voice and thick Japanese accent, which, to the ears of most of the internet, make for an unforgivably disastrous cover of the beloved Beatles classic.

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DJ Arranges 226 Beatles Songs In An 8 Minute Track, Sounds Like Chaos

Perhaps the most beloved band in history, the Beatles’ music continues to charm and inspire fans across the world. Their music has also been covered and arranged by countless artists over the decades, with each generation interpreting the band’s timeless sound in their own characteristic way.

Now, as if to represent the audacity our generation, English DJ Ramjac has created an arrangement that uses every Beatles song ever created (probably).

Unfortunately, as is with the dreamers of today, this bold ideal fails to hold together in an imperfect world and quickly descends into audio chaos. Read More