video game addiction

Research from Tohoku University claims video games impair brain development in children

Should we be concerned or should we just keep pressing those sweet, sweet buttons?

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Young Chinese Man “Living” in Internet Café for Six Years

It an Internet café located near Jilin University in China sits a young man who has spent six years of his life continuously playing online games after graduating from university.

Except for where he’ll be nearly 24 hours a day very little is known about this man called Li Meng. Even a reporter from Xinhua was only able to get brief shreds of information while he spent most of the time glued to his monitor.

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Man’s Wife Becomes Addicted to New Animal Crossing, Turns to Yahoo Answers for Help, Actually Gets Help

The latest installment of the Animal Crossing series Animal Crossing: New Leaf was released in Japan on 8 November and sold out across the country soon after.  It was such a success that the president of Nintendo had to issue assurances via Twitter that more copies were on the way.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Animal Crossing is a game with no set objective.  You simply exist as the only human in a quaint forest village of anthropomorphic animals.  You live out your days there any way you want, fishing, landscaping, shopping, and so on.

For one man, the new game ushered in an age of darkness for his household.  His wife had become a slave to the friendly sheep and dogs who inhabit Animal Crossing.  Rather than spending time with her husband, she was fishing for a trout to trade to Tom Nook for a lava lamp.

Disheartened, the man took the last resort of the damned. The one place wretched souls go to for answers before giving up completely – Yahoo! Answers.

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