Fireman photographs female in bath, gets chased by parents, drives off with mother on bonnet

Hero parents risk their lives to catch a predator.

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Two men arrested for extorting over three million yen from someone they saw taking upskirt video

The two suspects are seen as the latest entrepreneurs in Japan’s burgeoning field of “Voyeur Hunting.”

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Peeping Tom landlord busted for spying on female tenants in China using “magic mirror”

A man was arrested in Beijing last week on charges of voyeurism and taking illicit images of several women. The man, a landlord of an all-female residence, went to extreme measures to spy on his victims in their rooms, including installing hidden cameras and, unbelievably, a 2 metre tall one-way mirror of the type used during police interrogations. Which, ironically is what he had to face up to, once he was busted by one of the tenants who happened to spot snaps of her roommate on his phone.

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