Danish Radio Big Band welcomes new Japanese conductor with big band airport bash【Video】

Conductor Miho Hazama probably wasn’t expecting such a jazzy greeting when she touched down in Copenhagen!

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Conan O’Brien is taking South Korea by storm all thanks to some Korean snacks【Videos】

His trip around the world was due to a fan who couldn’t focus on studying and instead used her time to send the TV host a box of Korean munchies.

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A Big Dragon Ball welcome — for a limited time at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport!

If you’ve traveled to Japan, you may be aware that while Narita Airport has been the main international port of access into the Tokyo area for many years, there is now an increasing number of International flights in and out of Haneda Airport, which functions as the main domestic airport in the Tokyo area. And since Haneda Airport is located much closer to central Tokyo than Narita Airport, and with more flight options through Haneda becoming available, we guess it’s understandable if some travelers to Japan prefer to use Haneda Airport instead.

Well, for a limited time, there may be even more of a reason to fly into Haneda — in the form of a large welcome poster that should delight you particularly if you’re an anime fan!

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