Is it true that Japanese go to Alaska to copulate under the Aurora? 【Myth-Busters】

There’s a persistent story in the north that the reason Japanese people come to see the Northern Lights has something to do with conceiving children under the aurora. Since we see many retired visitors, I’m dubious. Can you bust this myth?”

–A reader in Alaska

I don’t know about you but just the thought of making love under the aurora brings to mind some questions: how does one copulate in subzero temperatures and manage to survive? Are there special suits for this? And is using a hotel considered cheating?

Join me as I uncover the answers to all these questions, and expose much more, after the jump.

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“Why, Japanese people!?” American dude has us rolling on the floor laughing with his comedic sketch

He’s lived in Japan for four years but has only been an entertainer for two months. Even so, this guy already has Japanese celebrities roaring with laughter.

Meet Atsugiri Jason (厚切りジェイソン), whose stage name translates to something like “Thickly-sliced Jason.” This up-and-coming comedic genius was recently featured on a Japanese TV New Year’s special, where he performed a short sketch entirely in Japanese which proved to be so popular that the internet is already buzzing about him making his big break this year.

Anyone who has ever struggled with learning kanji is sure to appreciate this video. Check out his comedy sketch after the jump!

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