To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of Lucas Films’ Star Wars, just 35 limited-edition, solid gold C-3PO figurines went on sale yesterday for a mere 500,000 yen (about $6000).

The science fiction movie Star Wars, released in 1977, was a record-breaking, once in a lifetime hit. The models of the beloved characters from the series, C-3PO and a pure silver R2D2 (150,000 yen/about $1800), will be valuable collectables. The figures are each crafted from about 35g of precious metal, recreated in life-like detail, and are sure to be a much-coveted item among fans. Each is uniquely numbered and comes encased in a glass dome. Only 35 of the statues will be sold world-wide.

Also for sale are extra large, pure silver commemorative coins (248,000 yen/about $2960), measuring 1kg, 100mm in diameter and 14mm in thickness. Using a design by Lucas Films and a new color printing technique, the coins are elaborately decorated with vivid reliefs from the movie, including the Star Wars logo, the Death Star, and lightsabers. Only 500 coins will be made available.

The items are sure to draw the attention of collectors around the world. Here’s hoping Star Wars’ inescapable appeal continues for at least another 35 years!

Source:STAR WARDS C-3PO via Walker Plus