Exclusive “Wa Selection” range pays homage to some of Japan’s most beloved traditional flavours.

Big international brands are continually spoiling consumers in Japan, with drinks, ice creams and even fast food released here in limited-edition, regional-exclusive flavours and packaging. Joining them now is French brand Danone, which has just announced a new collection of yoghurts featuring traditional Japanese flavours.

Categorised as a “dessert yoghurt”, the new range is being sold under the name “Wa Selection“, which translates to “Japan Selection“, and there are two new flavours coming to stores around the country for the initial rollout.

▼ On the left we have Hojicha with Persimmon Pulp and on the right is Matcha.

The Hojicha with Persimmon Pulp yoghurt contains high-quality, domestically grown hojicha (roasted green tea) which has been double-roasted for extra depth of flavour. The persimmon used is a special “anpogaki“, or half-dried persimmon, which is a specialty of Wakayama Prefecture made using over 400 years of traditional techniques. The sweet, goey pulp of anpogaki is said to give this dessert a unique texture, while providing a well-rounded balance to the dense, creamy yoghurt and roasted green tea flavours.

The Matcha yoghurt has also been crafted with special attention to detail, using quality green tea from Kagoshima Prefecture, which is Japan’s second-largest tea producer. Grown in an area with a substantial difference in daytime and nighttime temperatures, this tea has been especially selected to blend well with the yoghurt due to its low astringency and deep flavour.

The new range of very Japanese flavours is set to come served in some very unique packaging as well. Designed to replicate the deep colours of traditional lacquerware, each tub is sure to catch the eye of customers browsing the yoghurt section, with the star ingredient beautifully drawn in a distinct Japanese style.

The stylised “Wa” kanji can be seen written in gold, and is said to capture both the modern and traditional spirit of Japan.

The new dessert yoghurts will go on sale at stores around the country from 19 November.

Source, images: Danone Japan