fuji-q highland

Japan’s thrill ride theme park finds new way to terrify: A slide over twice as tall as a Gundam

Fuji-Q Highland decides its Mt. Fuji observation platform isn’t quite scary enough.

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Japanese roller coaster keeps breaking riders’ bones, now under federal investigation

”Do-Dodonpa” is supposed to be the sound that drums make, but what’s been happening recently is more like “snap snap.”

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A terrifying new way to view Mt Fuji: From a deck at the top of a giant rollercoaster!

Fujiyama Tower promises a viewing like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

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No screaming allowed on Japanese roller coasters, and new video shows it can be done【Video】

Top bosses of Japan’s most popular thrill ride park sit down and shut up.

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Japanese amusement park’s new horror attraction involves handcuffing visitors in the dark

Do you dare take the challenge and ride into an endless mineshaft?

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Mystery of Attack on Titan’s Levi’s lipstick-stained romantic dalliance at Japanese theme park

Wall mural of brave squad leader, and ladies’ favourite, Captain Levi proved irresistible for one lipstick-wearing fan.

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Japanese amusement park opens doors to dogs, lets animals on rides with their owners

Dog days are coming to Fuji-Q Highland this summer.

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Enjoy a Japanese sushi train at home with a fun Ferris wheel rollercoaster twist 【Video】

Amp up the excitement of eating sushi with this new theme park ride concept from Takara Tomy!

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Japanese thrill ride will let you fly like a bird as you ride the wind down from over 100 feet up

Amusement park Fuji Q Highland’s newest ride is sure to get your adrenaline flowing.

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No Escape! Fuji-Q Highland’s New Unforgiving Maze

This July 28, Fuji-Q will open the doors to its new attraction, “Fortress of No Hope”. They say they’re aiming for a 0% success rate of escape from the walk-through maze building. Guests will contend (presumably enjoyably) with innumerable doors, halls, and rooms, all under a time limit. In addition, you progress through levels of increasing difficulty, with more and more hidden clues and invisible doors. Read More