Fujisan View Express: A train journey to Mt Fuji so stylish you’ll never want it to end

There’s one carriage that requires a special fare to ride in, but it’s worth it. 

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Wagyu Zokkon burger at Fuji-Q Highland is as thrilling as the ride it’s named after

Beefy burger from an unusual diner serves up a rollercoaster of surprises.

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Stay in a Japanese hotel room…with a train inside it!

Train, uniform and a glorious view of Mt Fuji make this a very Japanese place to stay.

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Fuji-Q Highland theme park is opening its newest attraction next month: The Fujiyama Slider

New thrills are coming to Japan’s Mt. Fuji amusement park!

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A terrifying new way to view Mt Fuji: From a deck at the top of a giant rollercoaster!

Fujiyama Tower promises a viewing like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

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No Escape! Fuji-Q Highland’s New Unforgiving Maze

This July 28, Fuji-Q will open the doors to its new attraction, “Fortress of No Hope”. They say they’re aiming for a 0% success rate of escape from the walk-through maze building. Guests will contend (presumably enjoyably) with innumerable doors, halls, and rooms, all under a time limit. In addition, you progress through levels of increasing difficulty, with more and more hidden clues and invisible doors. Read More