Glasses maker JINS have announced that on 2 July they will sell a limited release of 1,500 pairs of their confusingly named JINS PC for Hackers, which are glasses tailored to meet the needs of hackers.

JINS makes it clear on their website that they are referring to hackers in the traditional sense of someone with a lot of experience and skill using computers and networks, rather than the criminal sense often used in the media.

The glasses sport many features with the sole purpose of keeping your peepers perfectly safe while staring at a computer screen for hours on end.  Firstly, the lenses are actually one single lens that stretches far out over your eyes ensuring that your field of vision isn’t compromised in the least.  The arms of the glasses connect around your temple thus keeping out of the way too.

On top of that, the lens is lightly tinted to limit the amount of blue light often emitted by computer monitors and which can be damaging to your eyes.  The nose bridge is specially designed for long periods of use to reduce strain on your face.

While it’s a nice idea and well crafted, this product seems more suited to people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen like office workers than to actual hackers.  The JINS PC for Hackers name seems to be more of a flare for the dramatic than targeted marketing.

Not even being a “hacker” I know enough to just change the display settings on my computer and hang on to the 9,990 yen (US$125) price of the glasses, so I have to think the true hackers have proper eye care under control.


Source: JINS via IT Media (Japanese)

For all the functionality they have they do look pretty good.

Granted JINS PC for Data Entry Workers doesn’t have quite the same ring to it but is probably more accurate.