It seems there’s never a shortage of character-themed steamed buns (niku-man in Japanese) coming onto the market in Japan. In the past, we’ve seen buns modeled after Hatsune Miku, Spiderman, slime from Dragon Quest and Puyo Puyo to name a few. So who’s the newest character to be steamed into a tasty little bun? It’s none other than our beloved “cat of all trades”, Ms. Kitty!

Yes, Ms. Kitty takes on yet another demanding job as a steamed bun to come out from the convenience store chain Circle K Sunkus. But this actually isn’t the first time Ms. Kitty has endured the process of being steamed for the convenience chain. The custard flavored Hello Kitty steamed buns they sold in January this year were a big hit, with 400,000 of them selling out in about just one week. This time, Circle K Sunkus has announced that they will be selling a more standard meat-filled steamed Hello Kitty bun from October 16th, followed by another Hello Kitty themed bun with what they are describing as a “completely different look and flavor” from November 6th.

So, it’ll be a little while until we can see and taste the actual buns, but if the picture they’ve released is anything to go by, the buns should look darned cute, if nothing else. We can’t wait to try them!

Source: IRORIO (Japanese)