Caterpillars around the world are joining the newest trend of frog mouthing, in which caterpillars film or photograph themselves near frog’s mouths.  Posting the video or picture on YouTube or SNS is an integral part of the game.

However, this fad turned tragic when one year-old caterpillar, Josh Ketzlwyck of Indiana was fatally eaten while frog mouthing.  The incident was caught on tape by friend, 10 month-old Chip “Skeeter” Wendel and uploaded to YouTube.

The purpose of frog mouthing is for young caterpillars to get as close as possible to a frogs mouth.  Across internet sites butterfly larva compete to see who could get the closest for the longest period of time.  Extra credit is awarded for unique locations like the Taj Mahal or on a McDonald’s sign.

The video, titled eat me please, shows young Ketzlwyck – an all-state leaf eating champion studying to become a monarch butterfly – as he attempted to frog mouth for the first time.

Wendel’s video as it appeared on YouTube has no audio but sources close to the larvae claim that in the original you could hear, Wendel encourage Ketzlwyck. “Go on man touch the mouth! Whooaa! You’re hardcore bro! Woooo!” Wendal shouted according to an anonymous woolly worm.

Authorities are currently investigating the matter.  The frog died shortly after it was discovered Ketzlwyck was poisonous.

Source: Youtube mailliw0

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