I had never heard of Japanese social game developer gloops before attending Tokyo Game Show.

And even after spending a considerable amount of time at their booth, I still have absolutely no idea what their games are about because let’s be honest: how could you stay focused on a screen when you’re surrounded by the exposed chests and unbuttoned shorts of the gloops booth babes?

Gloops started as an advertising firm back in 2005 and made it’s first foray into gaming in 2009 with Shibuya Quest, an RPG-style social game that takes place in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. At the time, gloops was run by a team of only six. Now, thanks to the success of Shibuya Quest and other similar easy-to-learn but hard-to-quit social games, the company has grown to around 430 employees and just today announced a partnership with Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA.

It seems the company is trying to raise their international profile at this year’s Tokyo Game Show by appealing to mankind’s universal appreciation of well-endowed Asian women in tight-fitting clothing. They also ran several spontaneous cosplay shows on the runway setup in the middle of their booth, which never failed to draw in a mob of photographers from the surrounding area.

While I did see a few people actually playing games at the gloops booth, it always seemed to be some lone male reporter pulled over by one of the girls after exchanging awkward glances.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it to the show, fear not: We’ve assembled a gallery showcasing the best of the gloops girls below!

Photos: RocketNews24

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