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There are a lot of things in this world that are better done with a buddy – getting coffee, taking walks, watching movies…cleaning. Yes, I said cleaning! While cleaning is probably the most dreaded chore out there, with a “Penguin SuiSui” cleaning partner you might never stop polishing those floors.

The Penguin SuiSui (suisui is a mimetic word expressing smoothness or unhindered work) is not like a high-tech Roomba, who will do the cleaning for you. He is, however, a low-tech buddy that will just keep you excited for the task at hand. He’s a fabric penguin with a hole in his back so you can slip him over the stick of your sweeper and he can swivel around the floor with you as you clean.

▼He slides onto the stick of your sweeper.


He’s not too cutesy, as he’s made to resemble a real penguin sliding on ice. Even the manliest of men can’t resist penguins sliding around on their tummies, so guys, don’t worry, no one will make fun of you for buying this.

▼Aww, he looks like he’s having fun sliding on the floor! How cute!


▼ Look at that face!youmore5

If you find yourself spending too much time cleaning with Penguin SuiSui, don’t fear, he has other uses too! He has a big belly, so you can slip in a box of tissues or spare floor wipes and he’ll happily sit on any table waiting to have tissues drawn from his back or tummy.

youmore4Penguin SuiSui is here to make cleaning fun for those who hate cleaning, and even more enjoyable for those people who already like cleaning (although, I question the natural existence of the latter category).

Penguin SuiSui is brought to us by a new shop called YOU+MORE, hosted by the online retailer Felissimo. The motto of YOU+MORE is to “make every day more fun.” Indeed, Penguin SuiSui can make your days more fun and your house cleaner for just 3,300 yen (US$30). While they’ve already started taking orders, he won’t be making it into your home until November or December – plenty of time for dust and grime to collect in your house, so you can sweep up together upon his arrival.

While visiting the YOU+MORE on-line store, don’t pass up the other cute animal buddies they have to offer (not that you will be able to resist, these things are so cute, they practically jump into your shopping cart by themselves.)

▼Why nap alone when you can snuggle up in the shoulder of a burly bear?


▼“I’m velvety and cozy!”


▼Who wouldn’t love that face! You can rest your head on this wolf neck pillow.


▼Also available in polar bear! (It even has pockets for heat packs!)


Warning: YOU+MORE can provide you with buddies for cleaning, sleeping or resting your head, but these goods are not real friends and thus not designed to be taken out for coffee, on walks or to the movie theater. However, they will definitely be around to make you smile when you come home.

Images: Felissimo
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