In Japan, Christmas means strawberry short-cake . Just about every Japanese family that celebrates the holiday will eat one on Christmas day, a tradition that has cake shops scurrying to meet orders.

I-primo, a bridal jewelry store selling engagement rings, decided to take advantage of this holiday season for lovers to drum up business by using cake, a Cold Stone ice cream Christmas cake to be more precise, as a means to pop the question

With Christmas Eve already being a big date night anyway, it should be easy to work in a marriage proposal during that sacred night when couples are out for romantic dinners.

It’s a great way to sell some engagement rings and boost consumer ice cream spending in the process.  Any woman being proposed to in this way is bound to squeal with delight over such a wonderful surprise!

So thought i-primo at least, who teamed up with Cold Stone Creamery to create the cake.  Cold Stone Creamery still does a booming business in Japan by the way, with people lining up over busy weekends for an ice cream snack during shopping.  The cake ring surprise includes congratulatory tickets for the couples favorite ice cream from any one of the Cold Stone Creameries across the nation.

Cake includes congratulatory tickets for any kind of ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery

Starting from November 6th, at all 50 i-primo jewelry stores across Japan, they will be offering this promotion to 100 guys who  purchase a engagement ring on a first come first serve basis.  100 gals are sure to have a very merry Christmas!

Source: IT media