Our Mr. Sato simply loaves the bread he bought at Japan’s biggest and fanciest Starbucks store, Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo.

The recently opened Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo is Japan’s (and the world’s) biggest and most luxurious Starbucks store, boasting five floors of the most delectable coffee, tea, and tasty treats. While one of our staff managed to get inside the exclusive store to write up a full report on the experience, Mr. Sato found himself thwarted (and broken-hearted) by a waiting list almost 1,000-patron-groups long when he attempted to gain access. Never one to be deterred, Mr. Sato eventually managed to get himself inside the store, but with so very much on offer, one visit was simply not enough. Thus, Mr. Sato recently found himself back again, this time to gorge himself on some of the mouthwatering baked goods he’d spotted at the store’s dedicated bakery, Princi Bakery.

The bakery boasts an impressive variety of breads, pizzas, and baked treats.

Absolutely everything available to buy is baked in-house on the premises, with glass walls showing the artisans at work.

The freshly-baked breads are then transferred directly to the showcases for immediate purchase and consumption.

You can also order a selection of pastries and other goodies from the deli counter, and either eat in-store or have your order wrapped up to go.

Mmm… pizza.

Mmm… carbs.

Despite being distracted by the sheer variety of gorgeous-looking foodstuffs on display, Mr. Sato remembered what really drew him back to the Princi Bakery… you see, Mr. Sato was especially taken with the giant, crusty round loaves that are prominently displayed on the shelves, and he simply had to buy some to bring back to the office and share with everyone.

Mr. Sato chose a Princi Loaf and a Pan Cioccolato, or chocolate bread.

Mr. Sato also insisted on staging an impromptu photoshoot, with plenty of snaps of himself cheesily grinning as he cradled his floury children and demonstrated how each loaf is actually bigger than his entire head.

Mr. Sato was also heard exclaiming over the sheer weight of the breads, and the fact that for only 1,000 yen (US$8.94) for the Princi Loaf and 1,200 yen for the Pan Ciocolatto, you get a whole lot of bread for your yen.

Happy with their look, aroma, and value for money, Mr Sato was so impressed with the hefty loaves that he decided to take them home in all their pristine glory. He was sure they’d taste delicious, and keep his hungry belly satisfied with toast and sandwiches for days to come.

Those who don’t have the patience to brave the lines like Mr. Sato can still enjoy something new from Starbucks this month, as they’ve recently unveiled a new “Coffee Jelly Frappuccino” and “Mousse Foam Caramel Macchiato” in honor of Starbucks Reserve Roastery’s recent opening.

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