Arguably Japan’s most successful video game franchise and mightiest convenience store chain are joining forces again to celebrate the re-release of Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden (aka Dragon Warrior VII) for the Nintendo 3DS.

In their previous celebration of Dragon Quest X a limited edition plastic bag was handed out stylized after the hit game online game.  This time they’re taking it further with a new style of bag never before seen from Lawson’s – and possibly never again.

There are two types of bags available each depicting the lovable enemy “slime” from the Dragon Quest series.

Both bags are completely covered in blue and red color making this the first time Lawson’s strayed from its traditional white format. It’s such a departure that these plastic bags don’t even look like they came from a convenience store.

So when you’re walking up the street, everyone will think you just bought something fancy from a department store rather than a case of Pocky.

A limited supply of the bag will be given out starting from Saturday, 26 January. However, you can’t just expect them to give you one.  Like with regular bags, you have to purchase something for them to be need.  I’m not sure, but a pack of gum might not cut it.

Lawson’s claim won’t hand out colored bags on request, but it seems that the too colors are different sizes. Therefore the amount you buy would likely determine which one you get.

Not only is it a limited chance to get Dragon Quest memorabilia, it’s a limited chance to say “slimebag” to someone’s face in a socially acceptable setting.

Source: HMV via My Game Newsflash (Japanese)

Much like in grassy areas you can expect a slime to draw near at Lawson’s. Killing one will give you 1 experience in getting yelled at by a store clerk.