Valentine's Insurance

There’s only two weeks until Valentine’s Day. For many men in Japan, it is a day of unease and loneliness. That’s because on Valentine’s Day in Japan, only women give presents to men, usually in the form of chocolate. So much chocolate is given out that Japanese chocolate companies sell half of their annual sales in the weeks prior to Valentine’s Day. With all this chocolate exchanging hands, what happens to the poor slob who doesn’t receive a single chocolate? That’s where Valentine’s Insurance steps in; making sure you’ll avoid the pain of not receiving anything on Valentine’s Day.

This service is simple: the insurance policyholder will receive a package on February 14th containing chocolates and a personal message from self-professed beautiful lady, Rieko.

Valentine's Day Insurance

Valentine’s Day insurance eliminates the unease of not receiving anything on Valentine’s Day, providing the policyholder with a pleasant experience.

Purchasing Valentine’s insurance only costs 500 yen (US $5.50). However, we’re not sure what’s worse: the feeling of not receiving chocolate on February 14th or having to pay a stranger to send you some.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Source: ITmedia