mikudollExciting news for both Vocaloid fans and doll collectors – the first details of a collaboration between Japan’s version of Barbie, Rika-chan, and otaku idol Hatsune Miku have been leaked online.

It’s not been officially confirmed yet, but some online stores have already started uploading images showing a Hatsune Miku doll in the recognizable Rika-style. Miku has already been immortalized in various media and figurines, but this will be her first incarnation as a dress-up doll.

The shops are stating July 31, 2013 as the expected release date. The price is listed as 2,940 yen ($29.65), which is pretty decent for a product that’s sure to fly off the shelves.

Seems like we’re going to see a sudden surge in guys buying their first doll!*  

*Of course, we don’t count ‘action figures’ as ‘dolls’!

▼ The first images are a little blurry, but hopefully we’ll see something more official very soon.


Source: Vocaloid Guide