If there’s one thing Massively Multiplayer Online RPGS (MMOs) are known for, other than their marriage-destroying addictive qualities and almost cult-like fan communities, it’s the absolutely mind-numbing repetition of doing the same quests and activities over and over again to level up your character.

Realizing computers are pretty good at that whole mindless repetition thing while humans generally dislike it, one entrepreneurial Japanese geek has figured out a way to jury-rig PCs that will perform a leveling task for you over and over again and is offering them for sale on bidding site Yahoo! Auctions right now.

The specialized PCs contain a macro code allowing Dragon Quest X players to put their character on autopilot and walk away from the game, returning a few days later to find their character 65 levels stronger through the power of perseverance and nonstop slime hunting.

▼ “Please, sir. Make the hunting stop. We’re so tired.”


According to feedback from those that have already purchased the specialized PC, it does exactly as advertised; and, who knows, maybe it’s even saved a marriage or two.

There’s just one small catch: The PC goes for around US$1,000 and some are already reporting that using the machine is a violation of the game’s terms of service. We can only hope that the computer does other, regular computer stuff so purchasers aren’t stuck with a $1,000 paperweight a month from now when Square-Enix officially brings the hammer down on such trickery.
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