New iPhone underpants designs

Looking for a fresh pair of undies for your smartphone? We thought so! Bandai has just announced a new line up of their hugely popular SmartPants brand smartphone underwear. This time, SmartPants2 come in eight new designs, a pixelized home button sticker, and a exceptionally weird promotional video.

In case your forgot, here’s what the first round of SmartPants looked like:

New iPhone underpants designs

Not too shabby. There was a wide range of styles to choose, from modest boxer briefs to a teeny-weeny thong. This year, Bandai is going for bikini-style panties in wild designs. Take a look:

BearBanana black-and-pink Clear Fuji Red-Dot-thong

Bandai also created a studded pink pair and a “secret” design not shown on their site. Just in case you were worried about someone peaking beneath your iPhone’s SmartPants, a pixelated home button sticker will make sure your phone’s private parts aren’t exposed for all the world to see. Of course, a bizarre product deserves an equally bizarre commercial:

SmartPants2 are on sale in capsule machines and Yodobashi Camera stores across Japan. Pick up a pair today, your iPhone is getting a little self-conscious.

Source: NariNari
Images: Gashapon