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We recently talked about an elegant iPhone case inspired by anime/manga franchise Cardcaptor Sakura, and judging from the enthusiastic response, it seems like many of you still have a special place in your hearts for creative team Clamp’s magical girl series. We couldn’t help but notice that a few of you mentioned you don’t have an iPhone to put inside the case, though.

So if you’re iPhone-less but looking for functionality in your anime merchandise, or simply prefer to keep track of your appointments the old-fashioned way, we recommend this Cardcaptor Sakura day planner.

The organizer is being offered through the Premium Bandai online shop, the same outlet that’s selling the similarly designed Sailor Moon day planner. The key difference, of course, is that instead of the Sailor Senshi, this booklet is filled with artwork related to Sakura Kinomoto.

▼ The cover is decorated with a golden Clow Card and Sealing Wand.

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Inside the 192-page book, you’ll find monthly calendar pages stretching from January 2016 to March 2017, with Sakura changing her costume each month.

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Gracing the weekly schedules pages, which run for all of 2016, are adorable monster companion Kero-chan, magical accoutrements from the series, and, of course, cherry blossoms, which are called “sakura” in Japanese.

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There are also 34 colorful memo pages, in four different designs.

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And yes, just like the Sailor Moon organizer, the booklet includes extras such as an address list and maps of the Tokyo train and subway networks, which will come in handy if and when you come to visit Sakura’s hometown.

The Cardcaptor Sakura schedule book is priced at 2,376 yen (US$19) and can be ordered here from Premium Bandai, with shipping scheduled for December.

Source, images: Premium Bandai (edited by RocketNews24)