smartphone underpantsSomeone finally “went there.”

Presenting SmartPants, a pair of underpants that covers up your iPhone’s home button. I guess if your iPhone were to have private parts, they would be located on the home button…

Produced by Japanese toy and video game maker Bandai, each pair of SmartPants sells for 200 yen (US$2.13) and will go on sale in March. The promotional posters advertise SmartPants as “the world’s first pair of underwear that can be worn by your smartphone” and urge consumers to “protect your home button.” Since the home button is used so often, it’s understandable that people would want to use some sort of protector, but this is a bold and interesting way to go about it.

Consumers can choose from eight different styles: briefs, striped panties, boomerang, leopard-print thong, boxer briefs, bright red thong, strawberry panties, and “secret.” A site was created to allow smartphone users to preorder their very own pair of SmartPants, but all items are currently sold out. Twitter has been abuzz with cries of “I want one!!!” as well as hopes of more SmartPants to become available in the near future.

For now, your iPhone will just have to be comfortable running around naked.

Source: NetaAtoz