So you’re a One Piece fan. You have the ice cream maker from KFC, you’ve stayed in the hotel room, and you never leave your house without your One Piece water cooler. But you still want more One Piece in your life! What’s a fan to do?

Well, why not slap your favorite character across your face and walk around like that all day??


We’re not talking about One Piece masks–that might be pushing your fandom just a tad too far. No, we’re talking about One Piece glasses!


Jins, the popular Japanese glasses maker, has teamed up with One Piece to release some glasses for fans in need of eye-wear. While the glasses themselves are fairly nondescript–you don’t actually want to run around with One Piece characters smashed across your face, right?–they do come in a variety of colors and shapes along with key chain character models! If you buy them online, you can get exclusive web-only colors for certain characters’ glasses as well.


However, these aren’t your normal spectacles–they are actually computer glasses. If you’ve never heard of such a thing before, these lenses are like sunglasses for people who spend all day staring at screens. Designed to reduce the harshness and blue light from computer screens, computer glasses help people see the screens better and can be used in conjunction with contacts or other glasses.


You can get yourself a pair for 4,990 yen (about US$50), or if you’re a true fan, you can get the entire nine-piece set for 44,910 yen (about $450), which isn’t really a bargain at all. If you buy them in a store (or some online shops), you do get the gomu gomu no mi figure in the picture above! Unfortunately, according to their website, you can’t actually eat the gomu gomu fruit, but we think they’re just trying to keep its special powers a secret.


Obviously, you can purchase the glasses at a Jins store, or, if you prefer to stay in front of you computer, you can get them online at Rakuten or Amazon. However, the figures you receive when buying online may be different from the ones available in stores. Jins will also swap out the lenses for prescription lenses if you need them, though it’ll cost you extra.


Finally, if you’re on the fence, this TV commercial probably won’t sway you either way, but it will entertain you for a little bit!

Check out their website for more purchasing information. (Sorry, Japanese only.)

Source: Jins PC