Japan has a long way to go when it comes to eliminating the public health hazards associated with smoking, but recent public policy efforts have caused a serious change in attitude toward smokers.

Smoking sections in restaurants and cafes are becoming smaller and increasingly more isolated, while fleets of bike-mounted enforcers hand out humiliating fines to those caught smoking on designated no smoking streets.

Finally, however, smokers can indulge in their pastime in peace at the Koshigaya Laketown shopping mall in Saitama Prefecture. A new specialized café, Smoking Café Briquet, caters specifically to tobacco connoisseurs with a variety of smoking merchandise and cigar and cigarette selections, with every seat in the house safe to light up in. It’s almost like being a character in Kaze Tachinu

We sent our resident reporter and long-time tobacco fan, Mr. Sato, along to try the place out. He soon discovered that Smoking Café Briquet doesn’t mess around.

▼ It’s like a grown-ups’ candy store.




Best of all, though, the entire café is one giant smoking section, so now smokers will finally get to glower at the non-smokers arrogantly sucking up all the precious second-hand smoke with their despicable clean lungs.

Thrilled to have the chance to smoke as part of his job, Mr. Sato plonked himself down in the cafe and lit one up. Just look at him; pleased as punch.


▼ And of course, he had to try a few new varieties.






If you’re a smoker and wish you could enjoy one last cig in a comfortable environment without receiving glares or being subjected to the coughs of irritated patrons, be sure to check out Smoking Café Briquet’s website here.

Photos: RocketNews24
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