So you want to keep your smartphone on your desktop, but you don’t want to lay it flat to get inadvertently smothered by paperwork or worry about some careless mungo putting their coffee mug on it. Or you want to watch some videos on it so you prop it up against your coffee mug but the phone slides down and you actually want to drink your coffee at some point. Strapya (The House of Straps) now brings you some neat little stands in the shape of sushi that suction on to the back of your smartphone to prop it up so there’s no sliding all over the place. They look like realistic pieces of sushi, so they make for cool decorations when they’re not serving your structural support needs. Each piece costs 1680 JPY and they come in 8 types: fatty tuna, shrimp, egg, salmon, horse mackerel, conger eel, sea urchin, and salmon roe. All are deliciously real-looking of course, made by the same folks that bring you those famous samples in Japanese restaurant window displays . And from June 11, you can buy all 8 as a set, together with a wooden serving dish and ginger. Just don’t complain if your smartphone sliding problems are replaced by hungry colleagues wandering annoying close to your desk.