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It’s barely even autumn and yet Japan’s beverage makers are showing off their new winter warmers. Hot on the heels of Coca Cola’s Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale, Japan’s Kirin drinks company has unveiled a new hot version of its popular carbonated drink, Kirin no Awa.

The regular, chilled version of the drink has been around for some time now and is undeniably refreshing with its cider-like flavour and pleasant aroma. Aimed primarily at adults who want something a little more sophisticated to sip on when not imbibing alcohol, the drink is performing well on the market, but will a hot version really work?

This time around, Kirin has added a hint of grapefruit to its grown-up soft drink, and promises a flavour that’s perfect for snuggling up at home.

Warm drinks in cans are a common sight here in Japan, with many vending machines offering both hot and cold beverages all year round. Kirin’s new tummy warmer, however, will only be available from convenience stores, and is set to go on sale across the country from November 5, priced 124 yen (US$1.24).

This new trend of warm carbonated drinks may take a little getting used to, but we have to admit the offerings we’ve seen so far certainly beat sipping on a bottle of coke we left in the sun all day.

Source: Entabe (Japanese)
Top image: Kirin