Just traded in your Xbox 360 for a shiny new PS4 or Xbox One? Want to clear some clutter under your TV set? Proud of your gamerscore and want the world to know that you eat, sleep and breathe video games? Well if you’re a pet owner we’ve just the thing! Instructables user mikeasaurus has come up with a novel use for an old Xbox 360 controller – turning it into a dog leash, which as well as having multiple fire buttons and twin analogue sticks, even comes with a built-in poop bag dispenser.

Currently being fussed over by gamers in Japan, Mike’s idea is as novel as it is nerdy. By hollowing out a 360 controller and adding in some paracord and doggy-do bags, it’s possible to turn walkies into game time.

▼ You’ll need some strong paracord and ideally a wired Xbox 360 controller


▼ With the back panel removed, you’ll need to pull out the controller’s innards and throw away the rumble motors


▼ With a little trimming and customisation, a roll of poop bags can be slipped into the underside grip protrusion. No need to dig around for your bags or worry about forgetting them – they’re right there with you


▼ Though you might not want to use this leash if you have a larger dog…


For the full walkthrough and tons of helpful how-to photos, head over to Instructables now! Next month, we show you how to turn a Wii remote into a handy chew toy…

Source: Instructables via Jin