We tried to use our leftover gyoza wrappers to make marshmallow puffs…but it didn’t go to plan

This simple recipe proved to be far more difficult than expected!

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These beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms are actually beautiful Japanese marshmallows!

A sweet sign of spring.

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Shiba Inu marshmallows from Japan may be too cute to eat, are definitely too soft to not squeeze

Smiling Shiba are the latest offering from Japan’s number-one cat merch maker.

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Japanese burger chain exorcises its demons with awesome new Ghostbusters menu

With a Marshmallow Man burger and a Slimer ghost shake on the menu, an empty belly is the only weapon necessary.

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Japan’s really into toasting marshmallows… on a takoyaki maker!

Mmm, marshmellers (as I like to call ’em.) Those squidgy little puffs of delicious goo. Bad for your teeth, bad for your waistline, but oh-so-yummy, especially when toasted. The outside goes all crispy and the inside melts juuuuust a little bit. In fact, they’re the perfect treat for toasting around the campfire.

But in Japan, they prefer to toast their marshmallows in a slightly more “Japanese” way – by which we mean they toast them over a takoyaki grilling machine!

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Cat-paw marshmallows strike again — and they’re as cute and popular as ever!

Now that we’re well into December and with winter in full swing, it seems we’re more and more often in need of warm, comforting drinks. And if there’s a way to make the hot drinks cute as well as relaxing, so much the better, right?

Well, earlier this year, we brought to you a story about the perfect product for that — cat-paw marshmallows! And now, it  seems the same people have come out with a special Christmas set of the marshmallows, and they looked so beautiful (and cute, of course), we just had to share the images with you again. Read More