There’s no denying that smartphones are awesome. They can send messages, let you browse the web, take photos and play thousands of songs, all while fitting into your pocket, ready to be used anytime, anywhere. But for some of us, none of that convenience can compare to the fun of fitting a cassette tape into a cassette player and pressing play.

Now there’s a gadget that lets us have the best of both worlds: the joy of thousands of songs combined with the lost art of old-school push button technology. Now that fluoro’s back in fashion, there’s never been a better time to pull on those leg warmers, download some Madonna circa 1985 and experience music the way it used to be.


The retro design gets two thumbs up for authenticity. With a pull-out handle, double speakers and a chunky, bright red design, you won’t have to worry about misplacing this music player at the party.


The iRecorder is no gimmick, with features that are fully functional. The play, rewind and fast forward buttons will control your playlist on the iPhone as if it were a real cassette. Changing the volume with the buttons on the right will give your fingers a good workout too!


Playback is simple. Plug the jack into your iPhone.


Open the music app and place your iPhone inside the player. Hit play and enjoy your retro music life!


There are even two ways to charge the iRecorder: through a USB port or with batteries.



On sale in Japan for 4,980 yen (US$48.40), the only thing not included in the iRecorder pack is the cool 80’s dancing. That will have to be supplied by you and your friends!

Source: Hamee