If you love cats, chocolate, and marshmallows, you won’t want to miss Nyarshmallows from Felissimo!

There are kitten marshmallows for your coffee and paw print marshmallows for pure adorableness, and now there are chocolate-filled kitten marshmallows for…well, we’re not sure anyone could actually eat these cuties. But that’s what Felissimo says they’re for!

▼ Seriously, who could eat these fluffy faces?!


Called Nyarshmallow (a pun combining the cat’s “nyan,” the Japanese equivalent of meow, and “marshmallow”), these treats may just be too cute to eat. After all, how bad would you feel eating one of these? You’d probably cry afterwards…but at least your mouth would be full of joy!

▼ “I’m sorry you’re so delicious!”


▼ Bet you’re feeling oddly snacky right now, too.


There are twelve different “faces” in the each of boxes available from Felissimo’s international store. They’re not exactly cheap as a box will put you back 2,585 yen (about US$22) not including shipping, so we might recommend these more as a gift for someone you really want to impress! Like, oh, I don’t know…how about your favorite RocketNews24 writers?


As you may imagine, Nyarshmallows have proven to be a popular item for Felissimo, so to celebrate the product’s one-year anniversary, the company is releasing some limited-edition Nyarshmallows! The basic product — chocolate-filled marshmallows  in the shape of adorable kitties — is the same, but these feature new faces! And the slightly higher price tag of 3,040 yen (about $25).


▼ It looks like you get this nifty bag too!


Unfortunately, the limited edition doesn’t look like it’s available on their international store yet, unless you’re in Japan or using a reshipping service, you’ll have to settle for regular cute and fluffy marshmallows.

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Featured image: Felissimo Pick Up Shop
Images: Felissimo Pick Up Shop