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The mail order fashion brand, haco., has just released its second line of fairy tale inspired fashion items.  They call these items cosplay, but not in the way that most Westerners might expect. Rather than recreate the characters from fairy tales as they would appear in real life, fashion designers asked themselves what these classic icons might wear if they were actually young human girls. The results are absolutely adorable.

Back in August, haco. released its first line of whimsical cosplay dresses, drawing inspiration from fairytale archetypes like witches and fairies, as well as Sleeping Beauty and others. This new set of costumes is modeled after the characters from Puss in Boots, The Three Little Pigs, The Blue Bird, The Ugly Duckling, and the Town Musicians of Bremen.

But, rather than sell people a pig snout or some knee-high clompers, the company offers fashionable dresses with fanciful designs and much subtler references to the characters they embody. For example, the dress modeled after Puss in Boots has silk ribbon along the skirt and sleeves, creating designs which represent the feline’s sword, and the wide belt around the middle is meant to give the outfit a classical air. Meanwhile, the dress designed after The Three Little Pigs has an adorable sailor collar and off-centered buttons, somewhat reminiscent of a fancy chef shirt.

Ultimately, it’s hard to think of these outfits as cosplay items, but perhaps that’s what makes them so popular!

Reference: haco.

▼ Puss in Boots is so cool and classy.

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▼ Being a pig is no longer an insult with this cute outfit.

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▼ The Blue Bird of Happiness will bring you great joy.

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▼ There’s nothing ugly about this darling little duckling.

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▼ And finally, let’s end on another high note from the Town Musicians of Bremen.

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