The overseas resurgence of photos of a spectacular Attack on Titan sand sculpture has fans bursting with excitement again. If you haven’t seen it already, you won’t believe the detail of this sand art!

South of Tokyo in Kanagawa Prefecture, Enoshima Island is usually a popular day-trip destination to stroll along the beach, climb a lighthouse, and even explore some seaside caves. But earlier this year visitors could enjoy an additional attraction with the appearance of this creepily realistic sand sculpture of a titan. Its titanic size (no pun intended) has fans all over the world awestruck again.

  • Sand and water art

Sand sculpture artist Toshihiko Hosoka created the titan in August this year on the eastern beach of Enoshima (near Katase-Enoshima Station) to celebrate the release of the eleventh manga volume of Attack on Titan. 

  •   Finer attention to detail than most sculptures

Mr. Hosoka is a world-famous sand sculpture artist. His works of art involve more intricate details than other typical sculptures, the reason being that he uses only sand and water in their production.

  • Making-of video

He began the process by creating a pyramid-like shape out of 80 tons of sand brought in from the mountains. Its height was over 3 meters. He always uses a variety of tools to carve out his works of art; everything from large shovels to tools smaller than a toothbrush. He took 10 days to complete this masterpiece. 

  • Superhuman talent

Because he captured the entire making-of process on video and uploaded it online, people around the world are able to marvel at Mr. Hosoka’s incredible skills. You’ll definitely understand if you watch the video, but his craft approaches a godlike status.

  • “I wish he could make something in my backyard!” 

The finished artwork illuminated by lights at night is enough to give you goosebumps. The titan really does look as if he’s about to attack in battle. Astonished overseas fans were so impressed by its quality that they made comments such as, “God must have stopped it from raining to let Mr. Hosoka finish making this,” and, “I want him to sculpt something in my yard, too!”

If you’re still as speechless as I am, check out the previously mentioned making-of video below:

For all of you who missed seeing it in person this time around, hopefully Mr. Hosoka will be back again this coming summer…

Source/Images: RocketNews24
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