On 27 January, Tokyo Disneyland held a little-known annual event to express gratitude for their legions of employees. Called “Thanks Day” it’s the one times of the year where those who work hard offering us visitors their cordial hospitality get to cut loose and have free rein over the park. Meanwhile, their managers give themselves a temporary demotion for the night to serve colas and operate Big Thunder Mountain.

On this Thanks Day, Tokyo Disneyland closes at 7:00pm. Then, at 8:00pm it reopens and the park’s roughly 14,000 workers (or “cast members”) are welcomed by their bosses. Among the overnight staff is Kyoichiro Uenishi, President and COO of Oriental Land Co., the company that owns Tokyo Disneyland.

President Uenishi could be found wearing a custodian’s uniform and posing for commemorative pictures with part-time employees. Also, throughout the park are “Thanks Boards” made by the management to express their appreciation for the staff.

Well into the night the cast is invited to partake of the attractions and a special ceremony is held in their honor. Thanks Day was created to help keep a high level of employee satisfaction and motivation by Oriental Land Co. It’s a simple but effective formula of happy staff equals happy customers. So I guess we should thank the management for thanking the staff so they could thank us for visiting on this the most thankful of Thanks Days. Thanks, guys.

Source: Tokyo Disney Resort
Original Article by Mugiko Nakano
Images & Information from Oriental Land Co. Ltd.

After a long wait, bosses greet staff with a high-five

Other managers greet workers with a hearty “konbanwa!”

Bosses try to give their greeters the same enthusiasm that they give regular guests.

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