Although Andrew W.K. has sort of fallen out of the spotlight recently, he will always be in the spotlight of our hearts thanks to his manic, just-shy-of-annoyingly positive attitude, party anthems that happened to come out while we were in college and dark flowing locks.

Now Japan apparently has its own version of Andrew W.K., and, because this is Japan, the “party-rocking dude who’s always fun to be around” aesthetic has gotten sort of… twisted on the way.

▼ Don’t worry, it’s not all pink fluffy music.
Watch a bit of the beginning then skip over to 1:40. Things get crazy.

This is Ladybeard, an impressive jack of all trades entertainer with a cross-dressing habit and, it appears, a pretty impressive grasp of the Japanese language. Ladybeard has been gradually making a name for his/herself in Japan through his various talents that include, according to his website: “Pro-wrestler, heavy metal vocalist, party rocker and 24 hour photo opportunity.”

We strongly doubt that Ladybeard is really open to photos 24 hours a day because, come on, you gotta poop sometime, but we buy all the rest and we hear he’s very amicable about taking photos most of the time.


The Japanese Twitterverse has recently been alight with photos and comments about the entertainer, mainly because he’s an obvious foreigner who dresses like a schoolgirl and interacts with Japanese fans in their native language over the social media service. Although, since a lot of the responses seem purposely tailored to look and sound especially foreign, we suspect it’s really just a native Japanese manager adding to the shtick.

Of course, if Ladybeard objects to this conclusion and would like to come wrestle Mr. Sato to defend his honor, we’re happy to have him.

Source: Vipper Sokuhou