Rooftop snowmen

Making a snowman is one of the simple pleasures of winter (or a really great way to cope with the freezing cold). But would you ever buy a snowman that someone else has made? Several visitors to one city in China have and more are sure to follow.

Yahoo! Japan News reports that locals in Chengdu City, China have started selling rooftop snowmen to tourists visiting by car. Prices range from 20 to 30 yuan (US$3.30 to $4.94) and each snowman comes with accessories of leaves or garments.

▼ Here’s a local sculpting some cartop accessories.Rooftop snowmen6

▼ Placement is key. You don’t want Mr. and Mrs. Snowby to slip off and fall onto the hood of the car, do you?Rooftop snowmen5

▼ Since these snowmen are geared towards tourists, does that make these snowman cars easy targets for pickpockets? Rooftop snowmen2

Rooftop snowmen3

▼ Hold on tight little guy!Rooftop snowmen4

So is this a delightfully clever winter product or a scam geared towards tourists? Cast your vote below!

Source: Yahoo! Japan News via Toychan
Images: Toychan