Royal Ueno Museum

Reports from News and Bessatsu Shonen Magazine confirm that an exciting new exhibition will open at The Ueno Royal Museum this winter. Fans of the extremely popular manga Attack on Titan will be in for a treat where they can get up and close with some exciting art and other paraphernalia.

Attack on Titan takes place in a dystopian future where man-eating giants have taken over the world and humans are forced to live inside heavily barricaded cities. The story focuses on protagonist Eren Yeager and the plight of humans to win against these giant beings.

The manga is still being serialized in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, with around 36 million copies having been sold already. The TV animation, which was broadcast in 2013, has also been hugely successful both in Japan and around the world. The popularity of Attack on Titan doesn’t seem to be waning with the recent announcement of Haruma Miura to play Eren Yeager in the 2015 live action movie. This year also brings the exciting theme events based on the series including a “Real Escape Game” and a “projection mapping” event.

When asked about details of the exhibit, Attack on Titan‘s author and creator, Hajime Isayama, said “we are considering them now. This exhibit will be for people who want to be grossed out as well as people who want to be excited. So please look forward to this event!”

Information for the Attack on Titan exhibit is not finalized, however, various artwork and original pictures will most certainly be on display. Specific details as well as the dates of the exhibition will be available soon at this website, in Japanese.

Make sure your next winter vacation includes a stop at The Royal Ueno Museum! You won’t want to miss this!

AoT group

AoT giant and human

AoT big giant

Images: The Royal Ueno MuseumBlomaga