Picture the scene: “Hey, Suzuki-san, we’ve got a special job for you! Inside this box is a Mini Titan costume. This week, you’re going to go around the big anime and manga shops in Tokyo promoting the new Attack on Titan exhibition.”

Suzuki-san runs to the box containing the costume and rips it open excitedly. His face falls…for the creature he finds within is the oddest, ugliest Titan the world has ever seen.

Despite the name, the so-called Mini Titan is pretty big really; taller than this cuddly member of the Survey Corps anyway:

▼ “Putting in an appearance at Animate Ikebukuro. Immediately Mini Titan looks like he’s about to start a fight!”

He wasn’t doing much work though.

▼ “Mini Titan turned up at Sanseido book store…He’s not helping at all though.”

 ▼ “At Adores Sunshine. He’s playing on the crane game.”

Mini Titan is promoting the Attack on Titan exhibition at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo, which opens Friday, November 28.

▼ “I went to pay for my stuff, but Mini Titan just threw a load of exhibition flyers at me instead.”

Which leaves us with just one question: isn’t a mini giant humanoid the same thing as…a human?

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Source: Oreteki gēmu sokuhou
Featured image: Kyojinten Twitter