Just because you’re out fighting enormous monsters all day doesn’t mean you have to smell like you’ve been fighting enormous monsters all day. Slaying titans is stinky business. We can’t imagine anything that big and skinless has the scent of anything but “ewwwwwww,” so we imagine the heroes of Attack on Titan need a pretty healthy spray or 10 of deodorant each morning.

Well, fortunately, they’ll soon be able to splash on some specialty fragrances! Kodansha has announced the addition of four more scents to its line up of Attack on Titan fragrances, again based on characters from the franchise. Find out who made the sweet-smelling cut below!

Of course, careful readers will remember that Kodansha first released Attack on Titan fragrances last year with scents based on the characters’ personalities and stories. The line-up was considerably smaller then, with scents available for only three characters: Eren, Mikasa, and Levi. While still keeping the original three in the lineup, the publisher is more than doubling the number of scents on offer by adding four more characters. Now, you’ll also be able to smell like Armin, Jean, Hans, or Erwin for your next big date. If it doesn’t help you get to first base, then we only assume that your date just has horrible taste.

Here are the fragrances that will be available along with the promotional posters for each character. We’ve also provided summaries of Kodansha’s descriptions of the aromas.

▼Eren: The scent of a strong will


Mikasa: A reserved fragrance with strength and quietude


▼Levi: A clean, floral, and ebullient scent


▼Armin: The fragrance of kindness blended with a strong spirit


▼Jean: A woody scent at the crossroads of youth and maturity, filled with energy


▼Hans: A fragrance with deep mystery and obsession


▼Erwin: Another woody scent filled with maturity and “dandyism”


There are a lot of good choices in this line-up–too many to make an easy selection! But as tempting as it is to get just get all of them, the significant price tag of 5,940 yen (about US$60) for a single bottle makes it difficult to get one of each on an impulse.

But we won’t be waiting to long to choose–those buying bottles from the first run of production will get a matching poster and a postcard with the same design. The fragrances are expected to be available for delivery on July 25 or later from Kobutsuya, though they will apparently only be shipping within Japan–the site explicitly states that international shipping is not available. If you’re not in the country, now would be a good time to make some friends in Japan!

For more information on the “recipe” for each fragrance, be sure to check out Kobutsuya’s webpage (Japanese only).

Sources: Niconico Douga, Natalie, Kobutsuya
Images: Kobutsuya