VR photography exhibit held in virtual reality by Japan’s Virtual Rights organization

VR event was a virtual feast for the eyes.

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Roland, King of the Hosts, has his own museum exhibition now, shows off hostdom and catchphrases

Fans of Roland will not want to miss this. 

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Poop Exhibit in Tokuyama Zoo this summer, 13 animals’ excrement on display to smell and touch

The zoo has planned a highly interactive exhibit allowing visitors to be completely immersed in animals’ pooh.

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Discover your stealth skills at THE NINJA exhibit coming to Tokyo in July!

Who hasn’t been fascinated by the ninja and their legendary skills? Well, this special ninja exhibit should certainly help you learn more about their mysterious world!

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Check out the unique displays from the Attack on Titan: Wall Sapporo exhibit

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Exhibit of goldfish art by Riusuke Fukahori takes our breath away!【Pics】

Artist Riusuke Fukahori’s goldfish creations made of resin are so lifelike, they look like they could start swimming right before your eyes! Read More

We got a sneak peek at the stellar Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Exhibit【Photos】

We knew it was going to be sailor-tastic, but it’s better than we imagined.

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Limited edition Sailor Moon Exhibit tickets with bonus “Small Lady Set” now on sale!

Sailor Moon fans looking forward to the upcoming art exhibit at Roppongi Hills now have more to be excited about: limited edition tickets with extra goodies!

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Exhibit in Kyoto features collaboration of anime and 400-year-old Rinpa school of painting!

This is what happens when you combine centuries-old traditional Japanese painting with modern anime, and we love it!

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Feel your inner Cosmo at the Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary Special Exhibit coming in June 2016!

It’s been 30 years since the hit manga Saint Seiya first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump, and fans can look forward to a special commemorative exhibit next year!

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Take a look at these gorgeous goldfish… created by a Japanese artist!【Pics & Videos】

Wait, you mean these aren’t real goldfish? Well, they look simply amazing—and you can see them now on display in New York!

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Titans Attack on Kyushu with the upcoming re-opening of Attack on Titan Exhibit

Following the success of the Attack on Titan Exhibit at the Ueno Royal Museum last winter, the exhibit and the Titans are moving down to Kyushu just in time for summer vacation.

Although it mostly remains the same as the one shown earlier in Tokyo, this time around the exhibit includes extra shots of the Titans out and about exploring some of the southern island’s most famous tourist spots. Apparently even Titans need a break from attacking and devouring mankind every now and then!
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“Underwater Knee-High Girls” goes to Taiwan!  Exhibition including new “Yuri” photos to be held

As we mentioned in our past article, with its ever-increasing popularity the Underwater Knee-High Girls Plus exhibition celebrated its launch on October 24 at PATER’S Shop and Gallery in Harajuku. The underwater knee-high shots have proved hugely popular online both at home and abroad, so we know that many of you will be excited to hear that an overseas exhibition has been announced!

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Want more Attack on Titan? Make sure you’re in Japan winter 2014!

Reports from Eiga.com News and Bessatsu Shonen Magazine confirm that an exciting new exhibition will open at The Ueno Royal Museum this winter. Fans of the extremely popular manga Attack on Titan will be in for a treat where they can get up and close with some exciting art and other paraphernalia.

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Japanese Resort Announces New Studio Ghibli Diorama Exhibition

Fans of Studio Ghibli’s work who are unable to make it as far north as the Ghbili Museum in Tokyo will no doubt be excited to hear that the Laguna Gamagori Resort in Aichi Prefecture has announced that it will host a special Ghibli diorama exhibition within its amusement park from now until the beginning of March next year.

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Extremely Rare Hermaphrodite Stag Beetle on Display in Chiba Prefecture

Stag beetles have a special place in Japan. Looking like little monsters, children love to collect, raise, and maybe even battle them with other bugs.  An entire industry is built around these little critters in the country.

An incredibly rare stag beetle will be put on display in Chiba starting 6 October.  This beetle has the head of a male and the body of a female and may be the first ever of its kind discovered.

According to teacher Toshio Shimizu who works on the exhibit, stag beetles that are sexually divided from left to right are common, but a cleanly separated head and body hermaphrodite is a once in a lifetime find.

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