Do you love Lego? Are you an adult living Tokyo? Don’t you wish that “no admission to adults unaccompanied by children” rule didn’t exist so you could stop “borrowing” kids from the local playground just to hang out at the LEGOLAND in Odaiba?

If so, we have some excellent news for you! Starting in May, the LEGOLAND Discover Center in the Decks Mall will host an adults-only night once a month!


Lego may be marketed mainly to kids, but have you ever known anyone–regardless of age–who didn’t love the stuff? Those tiny toy blocks are the keys to many a child’s joy and there’s no doubt that the magic of Legos never disappears, no matter your age. Heck, we bet half of you would give up your next raise if it meant you got a 30-mintune Lego break every afternoon.

So, it’s a real bummer that LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Odaiba has a rule forbidding adults from entering if they’re not with kids. Now, we can totally understand that rule–it is pretty creepy/awkward to be an adult by yourself hanging out in a room full of kids unless you’re an elementary school teacher or Mary Poppins or something. Otherwise, even if you really, truly are there “just to get a quick block fix,” you’re still going to get a few odd looks.

▼A birthday registry, perhaps?

lego cakeVia Little Birthday Cakes

Fortunately, LEGOLAND has heard our pleas for some adult-oriented Lego fun and starting in May, the Discovery Center will host an “adults only” night on the fifth of every month. We’re not sure how they came up with that specific date, but whatever it takes to let us check out the Lego Creator or their bizarrely named 4D Cinema…which only shows movies in 3-D. (Okay, we suppose the movies are in four dimensions if you count time, but then that would mean that all of our regular movies are actually 3-D already. I don’t care how good Seven Samurai was, you can’t get me to call it a 3-D movie!)


Luckily, May 5 is also a national holiday, so everyone should be able to get to the venue by 7 pm when it officially opens for Adult Night. Tickets cost 1,700 yen (roughly US$17) if you per-purchase them online (Japanese only) or 2,300 yen (about $23) at the door.

If, for some reason, you’re not sure that this is the way you want to spend your Golden Week holiday, just take a look at all the cool stuff that’s been built with Legos: A life-like Hatsune Miku, a brilliant engineering project, and smile-inducing video game art. Obviously, going to Adult Night won’t make you a Lego art master–only too much free time and a few buckets of bricks can do that–but it should plaster your face with a child-like grin that won’t go away for weeks. Or at least until Golden Week ends and you have to go back to your job that doesn’t involve carefully stacking colorful bricks.

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Images: LEGOLAND Facebook