Who doesn’t love Lego?  It’s a toy that has certainly stood the test of time and transcended all boundaries of gender, class and geography with its simple yet endless possibilities.

And who doesn’t love Tokyo? It’s a city that has certainly stood the test of time and grown into quite the cultural mecca of food, science, and art.  However, it’s a big city that requires time to explore fully.  So why not head down to Decks in Odaiba, Tokyo Beach to see the best of it in everyone’s favorite medium – Lego! But that’s not all Legoland Tokyo has to offer.

The best part of Legoland Tokyo is its magnificent displays of Lego engineering, recreating parts of Tokyo in beautiful detail.  The center piece has to be the new Tokyo Sky Tree that is so perfect it doesn’t even look like it was made of Lego.

We all know kids don’t like looking at Lego buildings nearly as much as they do building them, which is why there are lots of hands-on loose piece displays to keep them busy.  In fact there are entire lessons to teach both young and old easy ways to become expert builders.

If that’s not enough, there’s an entire Lego themed jungle gym for the kids to freak out in while mom and dad kick back with a cup of joe in the nearby café.

This summer is shaping up to be a hot one. So rather than hauling yourself around the boiling city, spend an air-conditioned day in Legoland Tokyo.

Tokyo Legoland: Website (Japanese)

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