Meet Tally. She’s definitely a dog, and a very beautiful dog at that. And yet she’s often found in some suspiciously cat-like poses…


Tally (also called Tao Tao, which means ‘mischievous’ in Chinese) lives in China with her owner, who has found their pet becoming a bit of an internet celebrity after posting her pictures to an online forum. Due to popular request, the owner created an album on Imgur which has already racked up over 700,000 views in just four days. The appeal? Apart from looking like the dog equivalent of a supermodel, she’s also got some rather endearing habits.

Apparently before she came to live with her current owner, Tally lived with a cat until she was two years old, and it seems to have had quite an effect on her personality. It’s hard to say if she really thinks she’s a cat or not, but she’s definitely picked up some of the poses and mannerisms. If you’re a cat person but your significant other’s a dog person, or vice versa, then Tally’s basically the solution to your dilemma.

Check out the photos below to see her cat impressions, as well as some lovely shots of her behaving in a more canine fashion.

▼ Most dogs sit with their legs stretched out in front of them, but Tally likes to primly fold hers.


Oh, hello up there. No, I won’t move. You may step over me, and be grateful for the opportunity.


▼ Here she is sitting very regally on the sofa, a pose that many cat owners will recognize as saying ‘what do you mean, you want to sit on my sofa?’


▼ She has the suppleness and playfulness of a kitty.


▼ She also has a mischievous side, and loves to play hide and seek in boxes (Remind you of anyone?).


If I don’t move, they can’t see me…


▼ Why is it that putting an animal in a box suddenly ups their cuteness factor by over 9,000?


▼ During the day she will quietly sit on the windowsill, gazing out at the garden.


▼ Life can be tough when you don’t quite know who you are…


▼ She does have her doggy side too though, enjoying walkies…


▼ …and begging for scraps with proper puppy-dog eyes.


▼ Who could resist that face?!


▼ A husky in her natural habitat.



▼ Either she’s incredibly well-behaved, or this was snapped just a millisecond before that treat disappeared.


 ▼ Bonus pics: Tally as an adorable little puppy.



Source: Isuta
Images: Imgur