Cowboy Bebop fragrance line created to celebrate anime’s 25th anniversary

Smell like Spike, Faye, or Julia thanks to Tokyo’s anime perfume specialists.

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Death Spray from Japan causes buzz online for powerful ability to cut ties with bad energy

Spray it at work and the company is doomed, spray it on the desk of a colleague and they’ll be transferred…this is a spray that’s not to be messed with.

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Studio Ghibli perfumes capture the magic of three anime films

Add a splash of Ghibli to your every day.

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Tokyo has an anime character-themed perfume shop, and we stopped by to talk with the creator

Fairy Tail takes inspiration from anime’s biggest series and stars and turns them into unique fragrances for fans.

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Japan’s newest perfume will make you smell like a movie bootlegger

Japan’s favorite anti-piracy mascots get their own fragrances.

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Smell like a Demon Slayer (or a Demon) with new line of Kimetsu no Yaiba fragrances

Ever wondered what a Demon Slayer smells like? Now’s your chance to find out!

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Centuries-old Japanese store revolutionises the fragrance world with new incense cord

Tie a bow around gifts and envelopes with a wonderfully fragrant incense ribbon.

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Young woman-scent body soap and deodorant becomes a hit with lonely Japanese dudes

Deoco dudes desire feminine fragrance for lessening loneliness.

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Attack on Titan fragrances return with expanded line-up, ready to make you smell like adventure

Just because you’re out fighting enormous monsters all day doesn’t mean you have to smell like you’ve been fighting enormous monsters all day. Slaying titans is stinky business. We can’t imagine anything that big and skinless has the scent of anything but “ewwwwwww,” so we imagine the heroes of Attack on Titan need a pretty healthy spray or 10 of deodorant each morning.

Well, fortunately, they’ll soon be able to splash on some specialty fragrances! Kodansha has announced the addition of four more scents to its line up of Attack on Titan fragrances, again based on characters from the franchise. Find out who made the sweet-smelling cut below!

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Sushi: The Fragrance Released, Brad Pitt Hard at Work on New Poetry

*For maximum enjoyment please read this article in the husky hushed voice of Brad Pitt. Thank you.*

It’s not a journey, it’s Sushi, a scent developed by Demeter Fragrance Library. The scent maker is hoping to catch the freshness of Japan’s signature dish so you have it with you all day.

But does it smell like raw fish? Does it have the eye-watering aroma of wasabi? Demeter says of course not, but what it does smell like is the source of some controversy.

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