Japanese Brazillian BBQ restaurants offering take-out disposable grills made of cardboard

Finally, the to-go churrasco that you asked for.

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Looking for a unique afternoon tea in Tokyo? Have a picnic indoors at Fruit Picnic in Harajuku

Relax on a lawn and enjoy some good food without having to actually sit outside.

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Fancy a stylish Starbucks picnic sheet to go along with your order? You can get one free in Japan

Coffee house is giving out cool freebie if you order a drink and a sandwich.

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New portable Napkin Table is indispensable for all your picnic needs

We here at RocketNews24 take pride in introducing you to all manner of strange things to come out of Asia, which most definitely includes news about any bizarre inventions we see floating around.

This time, our “Pointless Asian Invention of the Week” is sure to make you chortle. Introducing the Napkin Table, the perfect portable table for whenever you find yourself out in the wilderness with your partner and need a place to picnic!

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